Do you ever hesitate because of anxiety or stress?

Are you ready to finally overcome suffering or pain?

Are you ready to transform into a strong and resilient you?

“You can believe what people say about you but that would mean that you are giving up on your dream.”

Sayeda Habib - Founder, “Make Life Happen”

If “yes” is your answer, then my Mastercourse in Resilience is for you. It will help you to recover and heal. You will learn how to:

Manage stress and bounce back from even your worst days

Increase your self-motivation and confidence in your own abilities.

Be adaptable, flexible and strong, so you can embrace life fully.

Thrive and succeed each and every day.

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It’s time to build your resilience and live the life of your most cherished dreams. It’s time to invest in the strongest, happiest, most successful version of you.

Through resilience coaching, I will guide you to your dream life, helping you learn how to build resilience and confidence along the way.

Using a unique set of life coaching techniques, rooted in neuroscience, we will build your strength, and capacity for coping with stress, so you can truly win at life. You will learn to become more self-aware, build confidence, raise your motivation, release anxiety, create work life balance, and more. It can change your life!

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Hi, my name is Sayeda Habib

I founded ‘Make Life Happen’ in 2005 after going through the toughest time of my life. I know how much courage it takes to share your issues with someone you don’t know – because I’ve done it.

Although I had friends and family by my side, I really needed someone who could listen and support me unconditionally, without their own bias coming through. And so, I found a personal coach I could relate to, who helped me build self-confidence, let go of pain, and become more resilient after an abusive marriage and divorce.

Hiring a coach changed my life.

Through my exposure to resilience psychology, I reconnected to my core values and rediscovered that what really gives me satisfaction and happiness, is being a life guide for others. This insight really turned things around for me as I finally found, and followed, my true, life-purpose.

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