Masterclass In Resilience

Anxiety, stress, and fear stop us from being truly happy and fulfilled. This resilience training, will teach you key skills to combat anxiety and stress. You will learn how you can redesign your brain’s responses to challenges. Through simple but effective science-based techniques, you will learn to use what your brain already does, to your advantage! You will learn how to create a “can-do” mindset, build your energy, and most importantly, build lasting resilience for life.

Exploring Your Energy Bank

Managing life these days takes a lot of energy. Have you ever wondered where your energy comes from? Does it come from food, exercise, or even thoughts? This course begins by explaining a neuroscience concept called “Allostasis.” This concept explains that your brain manages all the energy that you require for life. The exercise in this module will help you to explore how you are using your energy so you can clarify where you’re feeling disempowered or drained.

Uncovering a Limiting Prediction

This module takes the learning from module one and goes a little bit deeper. Here, we start to explore another key learning from neuroscience. In this module, you will learn why allostasis is so important for you to thrive in life. You will also learn why certain negative experiences from the past keep coming back- and what you can do about it.

Reframing a Limiting Prediction

This module will now help you focus in on a specific belief that’s perhaps making you fearful of the future, or getting in the way of your own resilience and success. We all have more than one belief that gets in the way, but once you learn how this process works- you can do this with other beliefs as well. You will learn to reframe this limiting prediction about yourself, and build one that is empowering- so that you can thrive in all of life.

Anchoring A New Habit

This module will build on all the work you have done so far. You’ve formulated a new empowering belief about yourself by now, but remember it is still fragile. This module will teach you how to anchor this belief, and practice it- so that you start to recognize it as a part of who you are now becoming- a more empowered, and resilient you.

Setting a SMART goal with a difference

By now, you will have started using your new prediction to empower you, and help you gain back some energy. This module takes this learning into practical action. This module will teach you some key concepts around setting a SMART goal as you implement your new belief in yourself. The exercise in this module will help you set a goal in this newly adapted SMART way to help you to succeed.

Exploring the Gateways to Neuroplasticity

This is the final module of the course so it will bring all the learnings together. By now, you will have created a new empowering belief, that will not only energize you, but also help you become resilient. This last module of the course will discuss another very important aspect of your brain; neuroplasticity- the ability your brain has to rewire itself. We will talk about what is required for neuroplasticity to occur. In essence, we will talk about a few small, simple behaviours that you can add into your prediction, and your new goal, so that you build resilience for the long run.