Hi, my name is Sayeda Habib

I trained as a coach in 2003 and founded ‘Make Life Happen’ in 2005. I know how much courage it takes to share your issues with someone you don’t know - because I’ve done it.

I’ve experienced the power of resilience coaching personally. I had left an abusive marriage a few years prior. Although I had friends and family by my side, I really needed someone who could listen and support me unconditionally, without their own bias coming through. And so, I found a personal coach I could relate to, who helped me build self-confidence, let go of pain, and rebuild my life.

Hiring a coach changed my life.

Through exposure to resilience psychology, I reconnected to my core values and rediscovered that what really gives me satisfaction and happiness, is being a life guide for others. This insight really turned things around for me as I finally found, and followed, my true, life-purpose.

My Credentials

I have 20 years of experience helping people raise their awareness of how their mind-body system works, and how they can harmonize it to develop resilience to face life challenges better. My credentials include

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