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I trained as a coach in 2003 and founded ‘Make Life Happen’ in 2005. I know how much courage it takes to share your issues with someone you don’t know - because I’ve done it.

Motivational Speaking

Have you ever been to a conference where you just didn’t get the relevance of the speaker’s talk, and the theme of the conference? I’ve been to events, where I often wondered what I was doing there. Though the subject may have been inspiring on its own, it wasn’t relevant to what I was actually there for.

I’ve spoken at a variety of events over the years. I am not one of those speakers who will just do my “own thing.” I ensure that I get to know what the organizers want to achieve out of the event, and tailor my talk accordingly. If you are looking for an engaging, honest, and thought-provoking speaker, then get in touch, and let’s have a chat about what we might be able to achieve together! After all, its all about making a productive impact in the world!

Workshops and Webinars

Workshops need to be relevant and engaging. I’m sure you’ve been to a workshop where you didn’t find it valuable. My intended outcome for any workshop or seminar that I run is that it be engaging, and participants leave with something valuable to build upon.

All my sessions are interactive, and include group exercises, sharing and discussion throughout the session. These aspects can be translated into online workshops as well as in-person sessions.

Some of the workshops I’ve conducted include:

I work with organizers to tailor make sessions according to their unique needs. Get in touch here (link to contact), and let’s chat to brainstorm a topic that will motivate, and inspire your audience!


I absolutely love raising awareness about the power of coaching. My passion is to help people, so I offer tips that can be easily applied to handle daily issues more easily.

I’ve been a presenter on the first season of “City Sisters” on Islam Channel, as well a season of the “Zara Sochiye” segment on TV One’s morning show “Muskurati Morning.” I have been featured as a guest on various television and radio programs on channels such as Venus TV, Press TV, Ahlulbayt TV and BBC Radio (Gloucestershire) to name a few.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve also been invited to write for a variety of publications including SISTERS Magazine, The Express Tribune, and The News newspaper.

If you would like me to participate on a television program, or to contribute to a publication, please get in touch here.